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    vivac winery

    We at reached out to Michele Padberg, Co-Owner of the award-winning Vivác Winery, to learn more about its unique approach to winemaking and how this family-run operation has thrived for more than 20 years producing top-level creations at over 6,000 ft above sea level. 

    Please tell us a bit about your brand

    I would be happy to supply our professional bio and tag lines, but as
    a quick response: Vivac Winery is your High Altitude Refuge with
    vineyards at 6,000ft and a wine for every palate. We have dedicated
    ourselves to making world class wines since 1998 and since crafted a
    brand that garners the attention of influential wine critics like James
    Suckling and won awards at International Wine Competitions around the
    world. We are a family obsessed with the science and art of wine and
    passionate about sharing it with you.

    Where is your vineyard located?

    We are located at the entrance of the charming town of Dixon, snugly
    tucked between Taos and Santa Fe in Northern NM.

    Can you tell us more about your vineyard and the varieties you grow?

    Being at 6,000ft, one of the world's highest altitude wineries, we
    are limited in what we can grow, but excited about what we've found can
    grow! We've traveled the world to study what other wineries are capable
    in similar micro-climates and are proud to offer Gruner Veltliner, Petit
    Verdot, Pinot Munier, and Riesling at our "1725 Vineyard" and Cab Frnac,
    Cab Sauv, Syrah, Merlot and Chardonnay at our "Abbott Vineyard". All
    organically farmed and low yield.

    What makes your brand different from others?

    We believe the world would be a far sadder place without the unique
    expression of all the wineries we have and thus share the stage with
    some brilliant talents. Our passion for old world style wines connects
    with people that revel in the joy of a beautiful food pairing, enjoy the
    love affair with a great glass of wine at the end of the day or want to
    escape into the extraordinary world waiting in a perfect glass of wine.

    Please tell us a bit about your tasting rooms

    We have 2 stunning tasting rooms. Our Anchor tasting room is located
    in Dixon and is surrounded by our "1725 Vineyard". Our patio is equipped
    with stat of the art heaters and wind shields so that no matter what
    time of year, we may offer you covid safe areas to drink in the view.
    Our Dixon location also features gourmet picnic items and exquisite
    handmade chocolates. Tastings are now tableside and tasting videos,
    available on our website, walk you through your wine journey.Our satellite tasting room is located in Santa Fe at the Farmers
    Market Pavilion in the Railyard. It is a elegantly quaint space that is
    nestled among other shops. We are currently only able to offer bottle
    sales and wine club pickup there, but as covid times change we look
    forward to being able to offer tastings there again when it is safe to
    do so.

    How do you decide your prices and what sets apart the most expensive bottles you sell?

    We are all 4 certified Sommeliers and lovers of all wines. We make
    sure to have a current grasp of the world wine market and to compare
    wines to our own in order to find where ours sit in quality and
    expectations and to price ours such that you feel you have found a gem,
    an amazing wine for an amazing price, no matter what you have spent. Our
    most expensive wines are aged longer and have been crafted to continue
    to age. But all of our wines are aged in actual French Oak Barrels and
    have been hand harvested, sorted and even bottled by hand. Even our wine
    in kegs have been thoughtfully nurtured through the entire process, no
    cutting corners, to deliver excellent quality.

    Which of your wines are best for beginners?

    "Beginners" can mean so many things, for some that may mean sweet and
    for some that may mean dry, but fruity and for some that may mean white
    wine. We offer something for every palate and excitedly welcome the
    newbie! There is nothing more fun and rewarding to us than helping
    someone start their love affair with wine and that is by making a match
    between the person and their unique palate and a wine that brings them
    joy. We are confident we can do that for anyone that comes to us.

    What should people consider before joining a wine club?

    Before joining our wine club, someone should consider just how
    wonderful they want their lives to become. Do they want the joy of 2
    incredible wines appearing at their door each month, a personally
    written newsletter from the winemakers lovingly included? Or would they
    rather have the excitement of opening an entire case filled with amazing
    wines to dazzle their wine rack all at once? Live nearby? Among many
    perks, you may enjoy many benefits in addition to the generous discount
    including having a glass of wine, on us, when you come for a visit.

    Would you like to share a few words with our audience - perhaps some advice on your club, and how to get the most out of your plans?

    Our wine club is the only tiered club that increases benefits as you
    purchase with us. Simply keep receiving your regular shipments and you
    naturally climb the ladder. Order gifts, your tally is added to your
    account. Need extra wine at the holidays? That's added too! Very quickly
    you can reach a Mast Club Member Level and enjoy huge discounts and
    perks. Need to take a break? We can place your account on hold without
    losing the tally or the purchase history. Being a part of our wine club
    is becoming a part of our Vivac family, you will absolutely feel the