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    Wine Clubs Compared: VINEBOX Vs Naked Wines

    Wine Clubs

    ‘Amazing wines delivered to your door at affordable prices’ is just what the world needs in this age of the pandemic. Yet, that’s not the only reason to join a reputable wine club.

    Find out more about the advantages of subscribing to a wine club by comparing the membership fees, registration benefits, top wineries, and coupons in the following battle of the brands between VINEBOX and Naked Wines.

    What Are VINEBOX And Naked Wines? 

    One is an ideal choice for sommeliers to try rare new wines without committing to a whole bottle while the other promises a unique experience with bottles sourced directly from the winery. Which bodes best for your palate? Keep reading to find out. 


    Offering a unique concept of ‘wine by the glass’, VINEBOX is sought-after for its 10cl patented vials with a freshness-seal from small-batch wineries instead of bulk-produced wines. Members receive detailed tasting notes and food pairings in addition to the option to share their membership plan with a partner or friend.  

    Naked Wines 

    Established in 2008, Naked Wines provides an opportunity for wine lovers to invest in small-scale wineries in return for credits and discounts. 

    You can select from reds to whites, sparkling options, rose wines, dessert wines, and fortified favorites from over 76 regions from 12 countries. Made of wineries supported by wine lovers, this close-knit club features over 59 varietals to pick from. 

    Membership Fees 

    You won’t find multiple membership plans on both of these wine clubs. Read on to take a closer look at the stark differences in the cost of membership plans from and


    Members receive nine different wines in vials every three months directly from the vineyard at $79 here. When you pay for this membership in annual payments, the cost per quarter goes down to $72 for nine wines at $288 per year. 

    Naked Wines 

    Typically, angels or members who belong to this club sign up by making a $40 investment towards the small wineries featured in its plans. Members can then use this as store credit for buying wines.  Best of all, if you don’t find wines that fit your palate, you can withdraw the wine credits without hassle.

    Membership Benefits

    Wines are selected based on your preferences using a questionnaire you complete when joining either of these clubs.


    Here are some of benefits available for members: 

    • Experience rare wines unavailable elsewhere
    • Try more wines for the same price with vials
    • Guarantee of vineyard-freshness 
    • Seasonally-intuitive wine selections 

    Naked Wines 

    Take a look at the top advantages of signing up for this club. 

    • 60% cheaper prices than others
    • 100% money back guarantee
    • Talk with the vintner directly 
    • Free ‘Angel bottle’ every month

    Wine Brands Offered 

    When it comes to wines from these membership clubs, each one offers a unique perspective. Find what makes each one special relative to the other.


    This club features just about 1% of wines selected from 11,358 varieties based on tests by sommeliers and VINEBOX’s director. Known for the patented vial, you get tasting notes and food pairings with every order too. 

    Here are the top brands featured through this club:

    • Abrigo Giovanni
    • Roger Champault
    • Corte Di Valle
    • De Andre Sisters
    • Château Hourbanon

    Naked Wines 

    Known for its exclusive 150 wineries, this club offers a crowdfunding opportunity for wine lovers. It can help you choose wines based on ABV, reorder quotient, dietary norms, and ratings besides offering the opportunity to talk directly with the winemaker. You can see more on this by reading the Naked Wines review.

    Here are some of the greater winemakers that aficionados can pick from with this wine membership club: 

    • Stephen Miller
    • David Akiyoshi
    • Benjamin Darnault
    • Patrice Gasset
    • Sam Plunkett 


    Wondering if you can combine discounts or other promotional offers when signing up for a wine club membership? Discover the salivating introductory prices available on both.


    New registrants automatically receive 10% off on their wine purchases. Moreover, many 5% and $10-off coupons are available online for membership plans and wine purchases.

    Naked Wines 

    Get ready for a long list of freebies and goodies because when you sign up on Naked Wines you receive a $100-off coupon. On top of the angel credits you receive, new subscribers can obtain up to $163 in credits for their first wine order. Keep in mind that the welcome voucher only lasts 12 hours from purchase. 

    Bottom Line 

    When you want to develop your palate by tasting rare wines, the VINEBOX wine club is the right choice. However, if you desire exclusive-indie wines, Naked Wines opens your palate to 150 small-batch wineries from around the world. 

    While VINEBOX offers quarterly and annual payments, Naked Wines gives you the freedom to purchase as you like with credits. While both offer great value, your pick ultimately depends on your palate and preferences.