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    Tips For Buying Cases Of Wine

    case of wines

    Buying cases of your go-to wine is a great way to stock up for those dinner parties, store that top-rated vintage away as a profitable collector’s item, and stack your wines in order of its birth year. 

    Read on to learn more about the usefulness of buying wine by the case. 

    Why Buy Wine By The Case?

    The amount of money you end up saving with bulk purchases depends on which retailer or wine club you choose to buy from. In many cases, you’ll have either reduced or free shipping fees for purchases over a certain amount. 

    During the festive season, we usually tend to enjoy more wine and fizz. This is also the time to make use of the free seasonal shipping to help stock up for those days where you might not be able to get your favorite wines.

    Most importantly, you’ll be able to stock up on wines that age really well. A case usually prevents you from opening one of the bottles prematurely. The process of allowing your favorite varietal to grow with age is a magnificent experience. I can add a considerable amount of value and taste to the wine. 

    The Pros & Cons Of Buying By The Case

    Purchasing wine in bulk is a viable option if you know exactly how much you plan to store and whether or not you have space to house a collection of wines. It also depends on how much wine you typically consume. Here are the pros and cons of buying wine in bulk:


    • The cost per bottle is generally less
    • You can witness the evolution of your wine
    • Your collection may become more valuable on the secondary market
    • Convenient for dinner parties
    • A good option for long-term stockpiling and lay-downs
    • Serves as a way to celebrate provenance
    • Wines can be stored according to vintage


    • Upfront purchase is usually pricey
    • Your collection may not be as diverse
    • The more you buy, the more space you’ll need
    • Certain wines might not respond well to aging

    Going Vintage: The Art Of Buying In Bulk

    Buying vintage in bulk could be beneficial if you’re looking to resell or expand your cellar with top-notch wine. Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

    Research Your Wine And Its Value

    Establish that your box of vintage is authentic and in good condition, but also make sure that you’re not paying an extortionate amount of money. Having some knowledge of what to expect can help you gain greater access to market information.

    Determine Provenance

    Wherever you choose to purchase your vintage case from, you’ll want to verify your purchase. This means that the bottle condition, authenticity, and provenance are clearly stated. If you wish to resell your vintage later then an unbroken chain of ownership from the winery to the current owner is crucial when purchasing in bulk. 

    Insure Your Bottles

    When traveling to its final destination, your wines will need to be insured against any potential damage. You’ll also want to make sure the insurance applies to storage. Stored vintages may be subjected to damage caused by natural disasters, break-ins, and extreme temperatures. 

    Buying Cases Of Mixed Wines

    The joy of joining a wine club is one way to ensure that you have a beautiful variety of wines at your disposal. There are retailers that offer mixed-case purchases of six or 12 bottles of the same vintage and label.

    If you’re an oenophile that sticks to familiar flavors, then you can customize your box from scratch. When building a mixed selection, keep the following in mind: 

    • The one issue with mixed cases: They don’t always contain only popular wines. There are instances where you might end up with three or four valuable wines, while the rest act as a filler of sorts
    • Optimize for your taste range: Opting for a mixed selection eliminates the risk of having a case delivered that isn’t in your taste range. This is because you’re able to select wine based on your personal preferences 
    • Mystery bottle: Some retailers and wine clubs will offer a mystery case option. However, if you’re not fond of surprises then you may want to choose your own instead 


    Perhaps you’re looking to expand your high-end collection or hoping to experience the benefits of bulk buying. Cases of wine can offer you convenience, personalization, and practicality. If you end up with a fine box of vintage, make sure you know how to store it and properly age it.