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    What the Best Wine Clubs Offer: 5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Wine Club

    Wine clubs are groups that offer members a range of benefits. They typically offer the chance to sample a variety of wines that are delivered directly to their members’ homes each month.

    The rise in popularity of these clubs means that this is a good time to consider the services of the best wine clubs in detail. 

    1. The Quality of the Product

    Did you know that a record total of 292.3 mhl of wine was produced in 2018? According to the International Organization of Vine and Wine, this massive amount comes from an estimated total of 7.4 mha of vines around the world.

    With such large quantities of wine produced in many countries as different as New Zealand, Serbia, and Chile, it can seem an impossible task to choose the right product.

    By joining a wine club, you are assured of getting hold of quality wines that you might not have discovered on your own.  

    2. A Convenient Approach

    This is an easy way to sample different wines each month.  If you don’t have the time to do your own research, it is the simplest and most satisfying way of becoming an expert on the subject.
    Since this is delivered to your home, there is absolutely no effort involved in getting hold of the latest and best wines every month.  

    The best wine clubs will make sure that it is incredibly easy to build up your knowledge on this subject. 

    3. Great Value

    Finding cheap wine is easy. However, the lowest price bottles won’t always give you a pleasant experience. Wine clubs carefully choose bottles that combine quality with good price, meaning that you get great value.

    You can also get lower prices here than in many wine stores, which often charge the full retail price. Look out for money-back guarantees too, as this is an excellent benefit that means you avoid losing money on wines that aren’t to your taste.

    4. Wine Tasting Evenings to Expand Your Knowledge

    The best wine clubs also give you the chance to attend exclusive tasting events from time to time. This gives you an opportunity to try wines that you had never considered before. 
    With the help of the experts, you can learn all about the most exciting new wines and sample them. In this way, you get an exciting experience that lingers long in the memory.

    5. The Social Element 

    The previous point also helps us to see that there is a strong social element to this type of club. As well as the wine tasting evenings, the best wine clubs also host parties, competitions, and other social opportunities to look forward to.

    Attending these events can add a lot of fun to your enjoyment of wine. Trying new types of wine doesn’t have to be a solitary experience when you have other members and the club’s experts there with you.


    It is easy to see why the best wine clubs now attract so many members. This is one of the most interesting ways to learn more about wine with a fun, good-value approach.