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    Laithwaite’s is Working Harder Than Ever

    If you have more than a passing interest in wine, it is likely that you have heard of Laithwaite’s Wine Club. The team has spent fifty years finding the most talented winemakers in the world so that it can deliver amazing wines right to your doorstep. Its reasonably priced wines, commitment to customer service, and fantastic offers to new members have made both Laithwaite’s red wine club and Laithwaite’s white wine club forerunners in the competitive world of online wine delivery.

     As you are almost certainly aware, COVID-19 has rushed around the world, turning our way of life upside down and leaving a lot of businesses struggling. Some businesses have been shut down indefinitely, causing great stress to the owners, but other businesses have had the fortune go the other way and are struggling from a sudden increased demand for service.

    Laithwaite’s is certainly one of these businesses, with demand for wine delivery shooting up as people are left stuck at home with more time to spend on hobbies. According to a spokesman for Laithwaite’s, stocks of wine, beer, and spirits are unaffected at its warehouses. Its team is having regular meetings with vineyards worldwide in order to uphold a consistent stream of quality wines for its customers.

    The spokesman continued, stating that the health and wellbeing of customers and employees is their top priority, and all cleanliness and hygiene recommendations are being followed to the letter. Delivery drivers will stash your wine delivery in a safe location, ensuring that you do not have to open the door to a stranger and endanger yourself.

     Also, Laithwaite’s acknowledged that wine is a much-needed distraction from the current hard times and that a great quality wine well paired with a home-cooked meal is pivotal for mental health.

     This trend is happening all over the world, with many online wine clubs becoming swamped with orders. Naked Wines, another popular and well used online wine club, was forced to cancel some orders this month due to high demand, but the same cannot be said for Laithwaite’s, which has committed to not missing a single delivery.