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    How To Read An Italian Wine Label

    With no access to bars by the bay or restaurants on the beach, finding a way to socialize online is crucial for staying put through the lockdowns. Virtual wine tasting refers to tasting wine with others via live videos and it’s a convenient and ingenious way of connecting with near and dear ones safe during this time. 

    Read on to explore how to join virtual wine tasting and courses on wine during the quarantine. You will also find lists of top wine tasting courses and sessions online today. 

    How Winemakers Are Responding To The Pandemic 

    With losses in sales and production estimated for many vineyards and wineries, innovation is an outright necessity. Most vintners are set to bring the luxury of wine tasting to the cozy four walls of your home with virtual wine tasting.

    Instead of going to the winery, you can now attend the online wine tasting events hosted by the winery directly and learn everything virtually. 

    An alternative is to sign up for courses on the side so that you can learn more about wine. Whether the virtual event or course is free or paid, you have to get the wines on your own. The best way to do so safely while staying at home is via the best wine clubs online, such as Plonk Wine Club and WSJwine Club

    How To Join A Virtual Wine Tasting 

    If you are wondering how to get started with online wine tasting, it is easy. Take a look at the step-by-step process outlined below. 

    1. Check information about the wine tasting you want to join online.
    2. Find out more about the events from social media profiles on Facebook/Instagram. 
    3. Hosts might offer announcements, sign-up forms, and registrations for free or at a discounted price. 
    4. You will be sent a link to the event after signing up.
    5. Enjoy the wine tasting live publicly or privately with the host. 

    Popular Tastings To Join Online 

    Rather than rummaging through hours of random wine tastings, take a look at the top trending tastings you can join easily, whether you are looking for a red wine club or a vegan wine club. 

    Featuring over 10,000 wines and free shipping for over a year for members, holds engaging virtual wine tastings. The website has partnered with winemakers to live stream events every week for dates including June 9th, June 11th, June 19th, and June 30th. 

    Naked Wines

    Known for its 150 independent winemakers, Naked Wines features wines from 76 regions and 59 varietals. There are multiple wine tastings available with wine experts so you can spend quarantine exploring unique new flavors. Memberships start at $40 per month, enabling you to invest in winemakers directly and even interact with them.


    If you are a die-hard Matthiasson fan, you will love the private wine tasting events offered with six-bottle packs appropriately called a “Tasting Pack” for $249 and wine club membership at $315. You receive a private Zoom tasting from the winemaker after purchase too. 

    The Supper Share 

    Tailored for wine lovers during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Supper Share works via forms that you have to fill in with your wine preferences. You will be provided a link and the contact of the sommelier to order your wines without hassles. 

    Another Option: Take Online Wine Courses 

    Here are four virtual wine courses you can sign up for during COVID-19 lockdown.  

    WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) 

    For a credible, interactive platform to learn more about wine, explore WSET’s online offers during the stay at home period. You can get Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 diploma awards in wines from nearly any location given it offers services in 70 countries.


    If you are in the mood for short hourly classes based on wine regions from sommeliers, sign up for Corkbuzz at $10 per head. You will learn about terroir to tastes and winemaking methods with this event.


    Costing $35 per user, Coursehorse offers classes by the name of Virtual Wine Tasting 101 that teaches you about popular terms used in the wine industry alongside tasting notes in two-hour classes. 


    Some of the best wine courses are found on the free online learning website Coursera. Look out for the 14-hour wine lesson from UC Davis here. 

    Bottom Line

    Signing up for a digital wine tasting session or tour with the winemaker directly has a unique thrill of its own. Private sessions and tastings are even better when you have the correct wines already available at home after delivery from your favorite wine clubs. 

    With virtual wine tasting becoming the new normal, you can now join for online wine courses easily to spend your time fruitfully.