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    Red Freshness For This Spring

    Looking for ways to make your spring warm and fuzzy? Lounging by the pool with a zesty wine in your hand is the perfect solution. Still, is a light-bodied wine better for spring than a medium-bodied or full-bodied wine? If you don’t know which red wine goes best with springtime, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to assist.

    Explore the five types of red wine that capture the spirit and soul of spring and review our list of the top five wine clubs for spring reds to let the wine experts help you select the very best seasonal reds. 

    5 Types Of Fresh Red Wines For Spring

    Here is a list of five types of red wine that will help make this spring cherry, vibrant and zesty.


    A personal favorite, Grenache is a dry ruby-red wine that adds color to the arrival of springtime. We appreciate Grenache for how well it pairs up with classic meals such as roasted vegetables and red meat. This wine is also high in alcohol, so watch out if you’re thinking of adding it to your springtime evenings.  

    Pinot Noir

    This is the best light-bodied red wine for spring 2020. Pinot Noir is a cool and classy choice that is highly regarded for its sensuous aromas. With a young Pinot Noir, the mouthfeel is light yet vibrant. You can expect a low-tannin wine with hints of raspberry and hibiscus.


    Another light-bodied red, Gamay is a refreshing varietal from Beaujolais. Its earthy-soil notes layered with pomegranates and peonies come to light with medium-high acidity. This is a wine to enjoy with sweet or savory dishes in the warm weather. This is typically recommended as among the best red wines for spring picnics too.

    Cabernet Pfeffer

    This is a Californian grape that is light, mysterious and equally rare. It might intrigue sommeliers because it tastes similar to Cabernet. The only difference is that Pfeffer is lighter and without the tannins. Cabernet Pfeffer is a floral and earthy wine with a dash of pepper for those who like a little zing with spring. DeRose Vineyards calls it a ‘marriage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel’.

    Dark Rosé

    Most people are mistaken by thinking that the darker the Rosé, the sweeter the wine. We’re suggesting a dark Rosé for spring because it comes with notes of fruits and flowers which are deeper than a light Rosé. The complex flavor profile makes dark rosé as exciting as spring itself.

    With spring just around the corner, winemakers are also experimenting with classic red wines to make new blends. One example is the red blend from the famous Clos Mogador Priorat 2016. It’s made using 49% Grenache, 25% Cariñena, 16% Syrah and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon with layers of newfound freshness.

    5 Best Wine Clubs For Red Spring Wines

    If you want to soak into spring carefree and with a case of reds, it’s best to sign up for a club that chooses the right seasonal wines for your palate. The following list is designed to help you pick the best red wine club for your discerning palate.

    The California Wine Club

    Price: $40.95 to $231 + shipping

    Your one-stop-shop for red wines, The California Wine Club exhibits a vast selection of over 96 red wines. They offer six membership plans where you can select from red, white or mixed wines. With over 30 years of experience as a Wine Club, The California Wine Club also adds 200 new wines annually. Get a case full of carefully chosen spring wines this season. The best Grenache to sip away before summer through this club is the 2015 Site Larner Vineyard Grenache.

    WSJwine Club

    Price: $69.99 or $259.99 every quarter

    An initiative of the Wall Street Journal, this is a customizable wine club offering over 300 red wines. You can choose light-bodied, light-to-medium bodied or a mix of both spring reds here. The quarterly wine club offers 12 handpicked bottles of wine from the upper echelon vineyards and winemakers. To explore casual sophistication this spring, sip the Argentinian Alambrado Pinot Noir 2018 available from WSJwine.

    Laithwaites Wine Club

    Price: $39.99 + $9.99 Shipping (Introductory Offer)

    With just one membership plan, joining this wine club is easy. You will be in awe of their selection of 450+ red wines from 12 different countries. Another way is to select from 159 award-winning reds after reading all about their style, country, region, appellation, year, varietal, food pairing and customer reviews. Go for light to medium-bodied wines when stocking up for spring. One wine that took our breath away is the 92-Point Cru Beaujolais Gamay from the Laithwaites Wine Club.

    Winc Wine Club

    Price: Customizable, with prices starting at $13 per bottle

    This wine club is ultra-modern owing to its unique algorithm that decodes your wine preferences. Winc is more than just a club; in fact, it’s an artisanal winemaker as well. If you’re a beginner, specify your interest in spring red wines during onboarding and the artificial intelligence will do the rest. When you’re on Winc, make sure you try their amazing rare wine 2017 Field Theory® Cabernet Pfeffer. It’s the perfect way to welcome springtime.

    Naked Wines

    Price: $40 per month

    Ranking among the best red wine club options and known for its singular-membership plan, Naked Wines features over 140 red wines from 150 winemakers. We love the interactive questions that help determine the right red wines for you. Fruity red and smooth reds are the wines to keep an eye out for this spring if you join this club. If you want to get the best out of this prime season, try the Rosé Exposé of six fruitiest rosés on Naked Wines.


    Before you go, here’s a bonus club for spring red wines. Vinebox is our secret 6th wine club that’s revered for its pack of ‘Reds and Rosés’. In our book, this is the ultimate spring package. With nine reds and four rosé wines by the glass, this is a top luxurious wine club to help you welcome the spring.