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    Celebrities That Are Known Wine Lovers

    Imagine being a celebrity with a wine interest - you’d likely never have to pay for it ever again.

    Sponsorships would come flocking in if you made your interests known to the media, much like George Clooney and his $40 million coffee commercial deal with Nespresso.

    No doubt he has a lifetime supply of Nespresso caps too. 

    Plenty of celebrities take their love for fermented grapes to the next level and use their amassed wealth to buy and operate their own vineyard.

    Sting, Dave Matthews, and Kyle Machlachan of Twin Peaks fame are all known vineyard owners and spend much of their time off-screen or off-stage running them.

    Even Mike D of Beastie Boys does what he can to pair his love for wine with music. 

    You might think it’s only celebrities who have access to the most exclusive vineyards and the finest wines.

    Well, the truth is: you don’t have to have your own vineyard or earn a six-figure salary. Online wine clubs let you sample the best grapes and soil have to offer for a much lower cost. 

    How to Share a Bottle With Celebrities

    The best wine clubs give us the chance to share our interests with celebrities and sample many of the same great bottles that your favorite actors and musicians are drinking.

    Many of them work in different ways but basically, with a subscription or a one-time payment, you’ll have access to a wide selection of global winemakers and from the finest sources in the world. 

    All you need to do is find a wine club that entices you, whether it’s the wines, the regions they’re developed, or the wide selection on offer.

    Most wine clubs offer promotions to get you started and have a flexible range of packages to choose from.

    Whether you want to gift a package to someone else or get one to share with your spouse, there are always various options and quantities to suit all occasions.