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    The Bordeaux-California Connection

    California is like the Bordeaux of America when it comes to wine. The US isn’t exactly a leader in the wine industry but California alone does an excellent job. Along with New Mexico, California supplies the whole US market but it’s the clear leader in terms of flavor and numbers delivered.

    Californian wine is also enjoyed around the world and is a great contender for some of the centuries-old wineries established in Europe. 

    Wine clubs give us the chance to sample the world from the comfort of our homes. The local grocery store might carry a good selection but if you want access to the great stuff, you might need to turn to online wine clubs.

    While some showcase wines from the world’s best sources, others focus on promoting artisan, family-run wineries and encouraging locally sourced alternatives. That’s where the California Wine Club comes in. 

    California Wine Club

    The California Wine Club has been stimulating the growth of local vineyards since 1990. The company was set up to promote the best wines California has to offer and give the state a name for itself in the industry.

    It’s tough to compete with European wineries and the California Wine Club levels the playing field with great value on local produce.

    Along with subscriptions to local wineries, customers can choose from a range of other plans that include wines from all over the world, the Pacific Northwest specifically, and between 8-12 year-aged Cabernets. 

    All new customers enjoy 10% on any purchase when trying the service out and if you’d like to treat a loved one, gifts come with a free $50 bottle of bubbly.

    The California Wine Club offers various gifts for friends and family as well as a selection of corporate bundles too. Its website has a host of tips and recipes for pairing your wine and how to use it effectively in various dishes. And to keep up with what’s going on in the wine industry, customers can check out the California Wine Club blog. 


    If you’re interested in going local and giving America’s finest wines a try, check out the California Wine Club. Its focus on sustaining local business and putting California on the wine map make it a real favorite in the US. Having been in business for 30 years, it also has partnerships with some of the greatest and most-established wineries around the world, so can meet all preferences and desires.