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    The Top 5 Affordable Red Wines

    Smooth, dark and fruity are just some of the words we could use to describe red wine, and if you love your reds, you’ll want to enjoy them as often as possible.

    Good quality reds don’t need to cost the earth - in fact, there are some fantastic bottles of cheap red wine that you can enjoy at under $20 a bottle from the wine club of your choice.

    There are plenty of great value red wines available today but if we had to choose five,  it’d be these. The variety of tastes, regions, and food pairings that these reds offer is on par with wines that cost a lot more but you’d never know by tasting.

    1853 Old Vine Estate Reserve Malbec 2016

    Malbec’s full-bodied fruity palate and acidic finish are given a darker, peppery twist in every glass of this Argentinian offering. The result is a robust, attention-grabbing red with enough acid to offset its tannins.

    Food pairings: The 1853 Old Vine Estate Reserve Malbec lends itself perfectly to beef dishes along with rich, peppery stews and soups.

    Juggernaut Pinot Noir 2016

    Berry, hints of honey and fresh timber combine nicely in this Californian red, with 14 months of oak barrel maturation lending it a smooth finish. As expected, the Pinot Noir delivers the right amount of acidity to balance its silky tannins.

    Food pairings: The Juggernaut lives up to its name in flavor and goes very well with roast chicken, turkey and even duck.

    Cabalié Côtes Catalanes 2017

    This juicy French red, rich in Grenache, brings a dry but fruity flavor and plenty of acidity to the table. Whoever said that French wine must cost a fortune has clearly never tasted a satisfying glass or three of Cabalié Côtes Catalanes 2017.

    Food pairings: Like many of the wines on our list, this flavorful red blend teams up well with meat dishes. Stews and casseroles are the ideal matches for its robust juiciness.

    Cooper & Thief Red Blend 2016

    This Californian red is no ordinary blend. Cooper & Thief took advantage of a great harvest year in 2016 with their combination of more than six cultivars. The Syrah/Merlot dominated blend was matured in bourbon barrels, with the tannins mellowing considerably as they picked up hints of warmth from the whisky flavors.

    Food pairings: The dark fruity taste of this wine makes it perfect to enjoy with braised, roasted and stewed meats.

    Barista Pinotage 2017

    This rugged South African red brings intense coffee flavors to the palate, in keeping with its name. The intense, tannic character of the South African Pinotage grape is balanced by just enough acidity to make the wine soft and enjoyable.

    Food pairings: The smokey quality of Pinotage makes it the ideal partner for lamb, beef and game dishes.

    Some Final Notes

    The red wines on our list are ideal for family gatherings, parties, or enjoying yourself. Look out for them in your wine club’s next monthly box.