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    Refreshing Rosé Cocktails To Kickstart Your Summer

     Refreshing Cocktail

    With summer comes fluttering butterflies, dewy-fresh tomatoes, grilling, and outdoor relaxation. One of the recent trends finding its way onto restaurant menus during summer is fancy Rosé cocktails. Fortunately, there is no need to visit your neighborhood restaurant to sample lovely wine cocktails that can be made from the comfort of your own home.

    From martinis to frozen Rosés, whiskey sours, and spritzers, read on to explore the top eight concoctions with this wine that will blow your mind and palate. 

    1. Rosé Sangria With A Hint Of Tequila 

    A Spanish wine punch, Sangria is typically made with red wine, but you can upgrade it by adding tequila and Rosé wine in summertime. 

    Choose a light dry wine option with silver tequila and seasonal fruits that feature strong and punchy flavors to make a refreshing Rosé sangria. If you ask the experts, strawberries bring a zest of their own to this season. 

    2. Rosé Wine Spritzer With Sorbet 

    Feeling exhausted with no time to make an elaborate cocktail to beat the summer heat? With a bottle of seltzer and a sorbet of your choice, you can whip up a cocktail easier than getting water from the tap. 

    All you need to do is, pour a spoonful of sorbet into your favorite wine glass first. Add a full-bodied Rosé to a quarter of the glass and top it off with the spritzer.

    3. Lavender Lemonade Rosé

    Want a slice of summer in a cocktail of Rosé? This wine concoction with lemonade is a party-favorite that you can brew in a matter of minutes. Better still, if you’re a fan of lemonades, this will take your summer to a whole new level. Make your favorite lemonade with a generous dash of lavender buds to imbue the flavor and your cocktail is ready. 

    Don’t forget to take a deep breath of the soothing aroma before you start sipping the drink.

    4. Watermelon Rosé Slushy

    Want something to bring out the fruity flavors of your Rosé? This slushy takes overnight freezing, but that’s all the hard work necessary. 

    First, make cubes out of watermelons and freeze them alongside two ice cube trays of Rosé for at least six hours. Blend the watermelon and the wine-cubes with the leftover wine in the bottle. Garnish with a lemon wheel or mint leaves and it’ll quench your thirst and then some.

    5. Daiquirosé 

    Mimosas with Rosé wine might be on most of the summer menus, but this is the best way to cool down the scorching heat without emptying your wallet. The best part is it takes no time to make. 

    First, get rum, lime juice, and syrup to make your style of Daiquiri. Finally, add your favorite bottle and you’re ready to start sipping. 

    6. Rosé Whiskey Sour 

    Typically crowned with colorful edible flowers, this summer cocktail is for those who are die-hard whiskey lovers. You can start by pouring the wine in ice cube trays. The special step is to top off each cube with an edible seasonal flower. Once frozen, drop the cubes in your whiskey sour glass and enjoy it. 

    You can upgrade it with an egg if you’re good with the shaker to make a Rosé Boston Sour too. 

    7. Rosé Margarita 

    This is a wild wine concoction that looks seductive and lingers on the palate with a refreshing aftertaste. 

    To make this divine brew, take a pitcher and add a cup of your favorite syrup, lime juice, and tequila. Next, add one bottle of wine and stir away. Finally, serve in a long-stem glass to six of your favorite friends and sip-on together. 

    8. Rosétini 

    Want to improve a sickly-sweet wine you have? Grab two ounces of it, a whole cup of ice cubes, and an ounce of dry Vermouth. Pour the Rosé and vermouth in a shaker with the ice cubes. Shake away, strain, and pour into a wine glass that has been previously chilled. Garnish with an olive on the stick or a lemon wedge and sip away in moderation. 

    If you’re interested in a dirty Rosétini, add a dash of olive brine. 

    Bottom Line 

    Next time you get an average-tasting bottle from your favorite Rosé wine club, take it to the next level by making a cocktail out of it. If you’re looking for the quickest cocktails, get started on margarita, rosétini, sorbet-spritzer, lavender-lemonade, or daiquirosé because it takes no time. On the other hand, when you’re preparing for a special summer party, brew a sangria or a slushy to flaunt your skills.